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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jockdad in the Morning

Jockdad has a profile and contact information in the posting for March 25.


cubanver56 said...

lo mejor esto es maravilloso que hermosura todo un angel

Nicholas_UK said...

Jim Jim Jim (aka Seamus)
Thank you so much for posting these lovely pictures of a very sexy daddy in gorgeous wonderful black socks and sock-suspenders/garters!
You have no idea how sexy and erotic I found them. Please please post as many pictures as you possibly can of sexy men wearing black socks and sock-suspenders/garters. I for one simply cannot see enough or have too many in my collection!!

peewit63 said...

I'm not one to put down anybody for their fetishes...goodness knows I have enough of my own...but I'm trying to fathom the charm of black socks and garters as a sexual turn-on. What's the origin of this, ya think? I don't recall any of MY father/grandfather objects-of-desire wearing them so I'm presuming it was more an urban thing (I suffered through puberty in a small town in CA).

Nicholas_UK said...

I'm not at all sure where my love of black socks and garters stems from peewit. Neither my father or grandfather wore them but I have always found them a big turn-on!
When I was ten/eleven ish I do remember seeing an English comedy farce on stage in London ironically called "No Sex Please We're British" in which a nice sexy mature man in his fifties dropped his trousers (in the US read pants) to reveal a nice pair of black socks and garters which I remember finding very exciting but other than that I've just seen the odd film (Valley Of The Dolls etc) that featured socks and garters on a mature man.

Sometimes I think in the gay world we try to analyse things and look for a reason/cause too much: it might make it easier for society to accept “gayness” but I don’t really believe there is such a thing as a gay gene.
I do believe quite a high percentage of "straight" men get turned on by stockings and suspenders (and stilettos); I don't suppose all these guy's mother’s/grandmother’s or nanny’s wore stockings and suspenders and I’m sure they don’t feel their fetish is at all weird and needs to be justified, or the root cause of their fetish identified.

My partner loves the smell of leather…I wonder if this means he secretly desires Cows??!!
Keep up the great pics Jim!

blcksox2 said...

There is nothing sexier than a good looking mature man, masculine and stocky, with black socks and garters..., as Nicholas_uk said, I can't have enough pictures... I love to look at them and fantasize to be with them and caressing/ sniffing their feet as an intro... it is so intimite and private... hard to explain, but sexy as hell!
Thanks Seamus... more please, Charles and Murphy would look good also in them...
Thanks for the pics!

Argent009 said...

I agree with the people who loved this particular set, this gent is amazingly attractive and I too have a strong fetish for black/dark socks. More please? :) Peewit... Different strokes for different folks, there is no explaining where a fetish comes from, you might as well ask why any of us are attracted to older men or men in particular, what difference does it make?

Blokey Bloke said...

Socks and garters...

My first memory of seeing older men wearing them was on British telly. Morecambe and Wise used the well known farcical device of losing their trousers to reveal knobbly knees and garters.
It must have affected me.

There were others like Bob Monkhouse, Les Dawson, Benny Hill and Bob Todd to name but a few, who dared to display their legs with this attire. I'd like to thank them posthumously for that.

It never worked for me on men below the age of fifty or so.

Perhaps it is more of a British thing. I am happy that this is my only "fetish", I would hate to have a thing for bondage or excrement or anything like that.

You say, Pewit, that you do not get the sock and garter thing but by the same token, I do not get the majority of themes that accompany mainstream porn at all.

Seamus is a saviour for those of us who have simple old fashioned tastes.

I like to think that he introduced the garter theme as a result of some correspondence we had a couple of years ago about how it seemed to be a minority fetish but it now seems that I am not the only man with a soft spot for this sort of undergarment.

Fond regards
B E Bloke

Blokey Bloke said...

PS... Socks and feet must be fresh, the "smelly" fetish is something completely different that I do not associate with.

B E Bloke

Blokey Bloke said...

PPS. I also think big mature men look GREAT with button-down braces (no belt) on their trousers.

Love ya Shea
B E Bloke

Nicholas_UK said...

Well it's nice to see that some other guys share my interest in black socks and garters/suspenders! I (like Blcksox2) like my man's black socks to have a nice manly aroma so I can enjoy sniffing them as well as looking at them and caressing/touching them with various parts of my body!!

Now you come to mention it Blokey bloke I do remember seeing several Morcambe and Wise Shows where Eric showed off some sexy black socks and suspenders; and even Bruce Forsthye doing a Generation Game skit where I believe he wore a skirt and black socks and suspenders and did a great (read sexy!) dance routine to the old "war-time" song "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" so maybe I too owe a debt to British television!!

By the way I also think big mature men look great in button-down braces; I must confess I have loads of pictures of Jose Miguel Insulza showing off a sexy pair of braces and sexy black socks!
Keep up the great posting and pictures Seamus!!

Oldies in sox said...

You are wonderful daddy.
Into your socks you´re the best.
How tender man you must be, daddy.
Loved you. Believe me.

NAMIK said...

nice pictures

sexlover1953 said...

All this talk about black socks and nobody seems to notice his MEATY, SUCKABLE COCK!
I like the photo where he's sitting on a chair in the balcony with legs wide open. His cock looks MEATY and VERY SUCKABLE!

ROD said...