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Sunday, August 17, 2008



young4old79 said...

Oh my God! That's my father!

Just kidding... not recognizable at all. I never knew wrestling could look like so much fun! But I think I'll stick with just plain ol good sex.

Blokey Bloke said...
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Blokey Bloke said...

"I don't think they're recognizable"


Of course they aren't... heehee. I reckon I know one of them straight away but I aint saying because it would be unfair.

Seriously though, I only recognise the one of them because I have been drooling over him for many years now, 'nuff said.

The photos are grrreat! I miss the days when older wrestlers were the norm. Today's staged performances are just plain wrong. To see two properly matured adult men in a clinch whether sexual or otherwise, is much better.

(begin rant)
It is so much more real than seeing poncey costumed "artistes" with their bodies shaved and steroid pumped, covered in slimy oil, farting about for the TV cameras. If I want to watch cartoon behaviour, I'll watch a cartoon thanks...
(end rant)

Thank you for bringing real men back to us.
B E Bloke

Hank said...

Seamus, I should have guessed that last photo was your work. I ran across a color version of it years ago, uncredited, and have used it as the front page photo for my Google Group dedicated to the appreciaation of men over 40. I'll take it down if you'd rather I did, or credit the photographer properly with a link to your blog if that's your preference. It's a wonderful photo, unashamed but discreet somehow. Hank Moss

CJ said...

Looks like the gent in the last pic has a "chubbie". I would too if I was pinned by the husky hunk on top of him.

This is a very erotic set of photos.

Blokey Bloke said...

I have seen rutting stags with full erections going at each other in conflict. There seems to be a very fine line dividing sexual and aggressive behaviour in most creatures.
B E Bloke

Bob 57 said...

This lovely chubby is the Mohawk???

Jozef Zajačko said...

Good. I love. Cmuk