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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


These are photos of men's posteriors. The owners wish to remain anonymous.


Blokey Bloke said...


At last... A photographer who can capture the very fundament of a mature man. As always Shea, you have an eye for the majestic mature male.

PS. "fundament" is sometimes used in Yorkshire as a term of endearment towards the buttocks.

Love ya lots
B E Bloke

D.J. said...

Nice pics, but a few more men like pendleton. Bellies a re OK, but some others would fit in too

shimmie said...

You have more pix of Twister? He's so hot!!!

Tommy said...

Thanks Seamuspix!
Your photos always give me good feeling and enjoyful!

Namar said...

Wonderful view from the rear.

helmut kohl said...

It doesn´t matter how i look at them, the same side effect: an erection